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Why work with Erik?

For 25 years I have chosen to make it my personal mission to guide high performing individuals.

I help them in defining meaningful and sustainable personal leadership visions and guiding them as they perform the actions required to make their vision real... personally, with their key people, with their key teams, for their company and for their customers.

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"You can be a leader without confronting your personal shadows.

But walking through them creates the light to be a great leader."

Erik Sean Larson

In my career as a psychotherapist and leadership development expert, I have immersed myself in the study of the neuroscience and psychology of human meaning and peak performance as well as the immense "how to" content of human quest tales. Practical and deep wisdom about the essential Hero Quest we all journey on within our lives -- whether we are aware of it or not.

As an organizational and leadership development expert I have helped purpose driven leaders grow their companies and leadership skills in order to create purpose driven organizations that are nimble, innovative and committed to expansive cultures of organizational and human development.

I am committed to my leaders' continual personal growth as a driver of their leadership growth, which in turn guides their companies' organizational growth in line with their rigorously examined and owned core values and corporate purpose.

Our current world faces many difficult and complicated problems, and because of this we strongly need more and more conscious leaders doing the hard work together to tackle them and shape a more powerful future together for us and the future generations who are counting on us.

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