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Genuine Performance & Conscious Leadership Development program

Initially, the Genuine Performance & Leadership Development Program serves in the place of a CPO, Chief Performance Officer.

It allows an organization's key leaders to honestly assess themselves and the penetration of their true organizational purpose in order to integrate and unleash the power of both vision and execution.

Business Growth begins with Leadership Growth -- Leaders who are committed to becoming better, know they must start with themselves. They must own their own personal Hero Quest, e.g., where their strength creates true constructive growth for their company AND where they inhibit this growth, by not confronting their own personal shadows and destructive traits.

This increased personal awareness shows up in practice of simple but powerful new skills that lead to stronger and more nimble teams as well as the ability to coach and drive more accountable performance from Key Reports.

In order to operate at their optimum, today's workers require organizations to clearly identify their true corporate purpose and then align this across the organization with clear performance metrics as well as deeper conscious leadership development. One without the other leaves a hole in the corporate culture bucket.

Once engaged, the Genuine Performance & Leadership Program allows an organization's leadership to create a sustainable and actionable Conscious Leadership model anchored in defined corporate execution priorities and leadership development steps. Of course, such a paradigm unbinds true corporate purpose due to a more contracted cycle of personal and departmental learning turned more rapidly into new smarter doing and actions that leverage bigger wins with your customers.