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The Hero Quest

A courageous journey of Ego and Joy

Life is a quest.

This is the lesson of 4,000 years of human hero quest tales.

On all quests the most important moment comes not when the hero slays the monster, but rather when the hero honors his or her true virtues and fears.

This program was designed to unleash your hero whole mind and to honor your personal quest. Quest on... to create a more joyful and unbridled future for yourself and others.

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  • Hero Quest Leadership
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  • Hero Quest Leadership
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  • Hero Quest Leadership
    Vistage Florida, Sarasota, FL
    September 15, 2022
  • Couples Quest
    Personalized couple's retreats scheduled based upon availability

Half-Day Program

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An ideal session for Vistage meetings. Ask your team to prepare by completing the free online Conciousness IQ assessment before the workshop.

The workshop can be completed remotely if your team is not in one location.


Genuine Performance

It is a simple value proposition.

Personal Growth creates Leadership Growth, which leads to sustainable Business Growth.  

In order to unbind human potential, this is the hard work that needs to be done.

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Conscious Leadership Team Program

Business is a Voyage. The impetus of all businesses and organizations is to explore, innovate, and provide.

Just as with ship voyages of old - we set out together based upon a common purpose to find bluer water, new lands, and full nets.

Of course along the way we have to avoid sea monsters and navigate human drama that can lead to failed missions and even mutiny. But it is not only what we overcome that defines the success of our voyage - it also what each of us becomes as a result of our voyage together

This program was designed to unleash your Ship's culture and performance through a whole mind approach to your leadership team. The program focuses first on increasing the conscious leadership skills of each leadership team member and only then do we look at key strategic and tactical issues facing your organization. In this way, new whole mind strategies are created that unleash innovative execution FLOW versus you and your leadership team repeating old reactive patterns that have lead to waste of time and energy stuckness in the past. Voyage on… to chart a course for a more expanded and innovative future for your organization. 

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Vistage groups meet every six weeks to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on an assortment of strategic and operational issues.

They are confidential forums of experienced executives who rely on each other for wisdom and counsel about leadership styles.

What is Vistage?

Recent Attendee Comments

"Awesome presentation. Powerful learning. And challenging."

"I started out thinking this was going to be a bit off, but it ended up changing me. I keep my emotions in check pretty well, but today got through my shields. Maybe one of the best speakers in my 6 years."

"Great presentation...well organized and informative."

"One of the best workshops we've had this year, and we have had some great ones."


No amount of doing will earn us the right one day to simply be.

Yet, still we compulsively make existential "To Do" lists.

Why not start a "To Be" list today as well?


Case Studies

"Largely as a result of my work with Erik and the Hero Quest consciousness model, I have learned that a big part of leadership is working on one's self, coming to terms with not being the smartest one in the room and getting comfortable with having people smarter than me in positions to make key decisions.
Leading through this vulnerability is more effective, and paradoxically requires way less energy, than the pursuit of being superman."
Jake Manthei
President, Manthei Licensing Group
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