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Genuine Performance

Genuine Leadership

It's About Mind, Before Behavior or Even Results

Conscious Capitalism Companies maximize both financial and social capital within their business model.

The payoff being a meaning driven culture and financial returns Six Times greater than “Good to Great” company peers.

Leading such a company, however, requires its leaders to accept the challenge of continuing to grow their own Conscious Leadership IQ.  

Genuine Leadership – The human mind is wired to learn, grow and create. It is also wired to avoid, deny, and misinterpret the truths surrounding it on a daily basis. Life's satisfaction comes from maximizing the mind's growth drive while reducing the mind’s fear drive.

Organizational change programs and leadership development trainings often focus downstream too fast in order to drive business success. In order to create a great leadership team, The Hero Quest: A Courageous Journey of Ego & Joy workshop focuses first at the headwaters of how leaders define success in the psychology of self and the neuroscience of the mind as well as how organization's define their true mission: the genuine corporate purpose versus what the mission that has been defaulted to.

Genuine Leadership: The Hero Quest

This deeply transformative model is built on theories of neuroscience and psychology.

Explore sustainable habits and processes that expand the depth and reach of your and your team's leadership efforts.

Participants engage in an enjoyable and interactive conversational session with breakouts and individual exercises and leave with actionable items for individuals, teams, and their companies. The bottom line deliverable is increased execution of results and increased meaning creation in your life.

The Hero Quest Workshop Delivery Options

Meaningful & Happy Life Partnerships: A 2-Day "Hero Quest" & "Love Adventure" Vision and Goal Setting workshop for couples who are committed to their relationship growth, personal growth and growth of their shared life journeys

Dynamic Business Partnerships: A 2-Day "Hero Quest" & "Ship's Voyage" Vision and Execution synergy creating workshop for business partners who are committed to both personal growth and growth of their joint venture

Results Driven Executive Teams: A 4-Day "Hero Quest" & "Ship's Voyage" & "Whaleboat Expedition" team performance and development acceleration workshop for teams who want move beyond homeostasis and truly impact their company's future

Workshop Provides

  • Enhanced understanding of Leaders' success drive and meaning creation strengths and weaknesses
  • Tools and skills for enhancing the engagement of an Organization's Essential Leaders 
  • Tools and skills for enhancing positive conflict and innovation of an Organization's Leadership Team 
  • Deep understanding of the continuum of Leadership Development in terms of Conscious Leadership Goals and Results Execution Goals
  • A Balanced Scorecard for evaluating Personal and Key Reports leadership growth:
    • 1. Essential Results  
    • 2. Leadership Skill  
    • 3. Consciousness Growth

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